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Avantika Shri Growing Private Limited (ASGPL) is a startup & fast-moving consumer goods company in India. We are known for our unique brands & We will live up to your trust and fully cooperate in taking your business to a new height.

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Care & Glow Cream

Moisturizes Skin

Moisturizing reduces the chances of skin problems..

Glowing Youthful Skin

Take care of your gut. Keep your skin microbiome balanced.

For Both Men & Women

fast absorbing moisture cream that refreshes your skin. Leaving a unique fragrance.

Prevent Aging

Protect your skin from the sun every day. Cleanse your skin gently.

Smooths Wrinkles

It helps you, smooth wrinkles or make them less noticeable

Glam Face & Whitening

It contains an advanced formulation for skin lightening & the clinically proven formula is 100% natural and safe


Tired of pimples and oily skin? Get the Vatgange Aloevera & neem face wash and say goodbye to pimples, dull skin and oiliness. No matter how young or old you are, taking care of the skin should be on your priority list. This gentle face wash contains the goodness of real neem leaves and aloe vera pulp. We do not use any artificial colouring or synthetic products.Neem is known to have to protect skin from UV rays, pollution and other environmental factors. Neem is known source for eliminating problems inducing bacteria.

The 100% natural Aloevera & Neam face wash gives you clear skin and you see the visible results in just few days!


Are you plagued with constant hair problems?

Our formulation provides gentle cleansing & conditioning to keep your hair smooth, silky, and problem free. A solid foundation is always essential and empowering – both in life, and when it comes to hair as well. Nourish your hair at every wash with the Gynopluse Hair Wash Sampoo.

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Is your hair showing signs of damage?

A gynopluse hair wash shampoo that helps to treat the signs of damage with two-way care for both long and short-term results*. Give your hair the essential care it deserves with Vatgange Intense Repair Shampoo. The Intense Repair Shampoo works to restore the health and shine of your hair.

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When will we stop telling people that all they need to do is work hard to be successful? This idea is instilled in us at a young age, and most of us hear it regularly in both the social world and the business world. Now is the time to do something, so let us together give a new status to our business.

Mr. M. L. Bind

CEO & Founder

Hard work is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to success. You can work as hard as you want, but it will be extremely challenging for you to build a successful business if you: Are working hard on the wrong thing; Are working hard but are very distracted & Are working hard but are not persistent.

Mr. Hari Mangal


There is never going to be a perfect time in life for anything! One minute you're dealing with one challenge, and the next minute you overcome it. Then, before you know it, an even greater challenge peaks its head around the corner. As they say: New level, new devil.                                                                                                                   

Mr. R.K. Vishwakarma